Plan I PayPal You can pay on-line by credit card via to Paypal score under is 42 and eBay score is 35 under accoount "masteroilpainter" till Sept.09,2004. All positive. TRUST US!

Plan II Money Order or Personal Check You can send personal check, or bank check, money order, together with your name, address, tel no, reference no. and size, via post office:
Pay To: Mr. Wang Zhao Hui.
Please note "Postal Money Order" is NOT good in China.

Plan III via Western Union You can make payment to Mr.WangZhaoHui in Beijing, China via You will get a tracking no. from western union. then please send by your name, address, tel no, reference no. & size, amount and western union tracking no. Your order will be accepted within 24 hours.