Delicate Chinese Brush Paintings

genuine hand-painted chinse delicate brush paintings on "XuanZhi" or Rice Paper, then matted on "DaoLinZhi" or Bamboo Paper or strong silk cloth. In most cases, two wood bars are rolled on both ends, thus the painting is scrolled and can be hanged on the wall. The painting also can be framed, see next page for VERY CHEAPER 8"x10" US$5,16"x24" US$10 paintings before framing and scrolling.

List Size is pure size of core painting, overrall length is bigger
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Ref No. GXC 1
Size:13"x52" Price:$50

Ref No. GXC 2
Size:13"x52" Price:$50

Ref No. GXC 3
Size:13"x52" Price:$50

Ref No. GXC 4
Size:13"x52" Price:$50

Ref No.1
Size:20"x40" Price:$50

99 chinese characters
suitable for full family

Ref No.2
Size:20"x40" Price:$50

"Long Live"
99 chinese characters
Hanging on room of elder
birthday gift

Ref No.3
Size:20"x40" Price:$50

"Salary", "High Salary"
for officials

Ref No.4
Size:20"x40" Price:$50

marriage gift

Ref.No. WHZ 2
Size:40"x80" Price:US$150

Ref No. WHZ3
Size:26"x52" Price:$250

Faux antique
Matted with silk cloth

Ref No. WHZ4
Size: 20"x40"Price:$60

Ref No. WHZ5
Size:20"x40" Price:$60

Ref No.WZS1
Size:20"x40" Price:$50

Ref No.WZS2
Size:20"x40" Price:$50

Ref No.XSP1
Size:13"x40" Price:US$60

famous chinese poem

Ref No.XSP2
Size: 13"x40"Price:US$60

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Plan I Prepayment You can send personal check, or bank check, money order, together with your name, address, tel no, reference no. and size, via post office:
Pay To: Mr. Wang Zhao Hui.
Please note "Postal Money Order" is NOT good in China.
10% discount will be granted automatically

Plan II via Western Union If you are in hurry, you can make payment to Mr.WangZhaoHui in Beijing, China via You will get a tracking no. from western union. then please send by your name, address, tel no, reference no. & size, amount and western union tracking no. Your order will be accepted within 24 hours.
10% discount will be granted automatically

Plan III Credit Card For first time buyer, if order is under US$100, the buyer can pay on-line by credit card via to

Plan IV Zero Down Payment If order is under US$100, the seller can send painting first to the buyer without any prepayment. After receiving the painting, the buyer pays Mr.WangZhaoHui via Western Union within one week. To be qualified for zero down pament plan, the buyer needs to complete following agreement and send to

                                                  Payment  Promissory Note 
To: Mr.WangZhaoHui 
Name Of the Buyer: 
Tel No.: 
With this written agreement, and binding legal document, the Buyer
(name)______________ places an order for an oil painting reproduction
Ref No.________, Size___________,Price__________ with Mr.WangZhaoHui.
Within one week after the buyer receives the painting, the buyer agrees
to pay the list price of the painting in US Dollars to :Name:Mr.WangZhaoHui, 
Address:Beijing,China via and send Western
Union tracking No.(MSTN) to
The buyer agrees that if the buyer does not pay for the
painting, Mr.WangZhaoHui or his agent, has the right to pursue any legal
action, as legal recourse, including public publication of the buyer's name,
address and phone number in any media as a debtor. 
Signature or type name of the buyer 

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