Hawaii sunset oil painting. send us any Hawaii sunset picture or Hawaii sunset photograph, we paint it to Hawaii sunset oil paintings. To find more Hawaii pictures, please visit http://www.hawaiian-art.net

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20"x24" US$100, 24"x36" US$150, 30"x40" US$200, 36"x48" US$300

Sunset No.1

Sunset No.2

Sunset No.3

Sunset No.4

Sunset No.5

Sunset No.6

Sunset No.7

Sunset No.8

Sunset No.9

Sunset No.10

Sunset No.11

Sunset No.12

Sunset No.13

Sunset No.14

To Place Order please send gordon@263.net.cn with your name, tel no, address, reference no.and size of the painting. We can paint any size you want. Also If you fail to find one specific painting from on-line catalog, you need just to send us a clear picture, we paint from it for you.
If you fail to get reply from us within 72 hours please contact by Tel No.(86)13901185127, or Fax No.(86)1062151536 or air mail Address: P.O.Box23,ShuangYuShu, Beijing, 100086, China, Contact:Mr.WangZhaoHui.
If you want, we can call back in chinese and English

BEACH Sunset Volcano Hawaii Flowers Landscape Hawaii Mountain Waterfall Underwater