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Masterpiece Oil Paintings Reproduction Gallery

Beijing Star Works, P.O.Box23,ShaungYuShu,Beijing,100086,China
Tel No.(86)13901185127 Fax No.(86)1062151536
Email:chinesepainters@yahoo.com Tel Nos.in USA, London, Sydney, Stockholm
Genuine hand painted reproductions of famous oil paintings on canvas. Museum Quality is guaranteed. Testimonials, or Sample or Warehouse. We are a group of painters in Beijing, the center of politics, economy, and culture of China. We hold at least Bachelor Degree in fine arts. We paint against each specific order. If you can not find one specific painting, you can simply send us a poster, we paint it on canvas for you!!!

Size Inch16"x20"20"x24"24"x36"24"x48"30"x40"36"x48"
Price US$6080120150150250
Shipping $101520303040

On Sale, Purpose of Sample. First Come, First Win

OnSale 1
36"x48" US$200

OnSale 2
36"x48" US$200

OnSale 3
36"x48" US$200

Onsale 4
24"x36" US$100

Ref No. Orient A1
Charles Gleyre, Swiss

Ref No. Orient A2
Arab Girl
Anthonissen, Belgian.

Ref No. Orient A3
Henri Regnault,
French. 1870.

Ref No. Orient A4
Prayer at the Tomb
Ludwig Deutsch
German. 1898.

Ref No. Oriental A5
Bashi-Bazouk Chieftain
Jean-Leon Gerome
French. 1881.

Ref No. Oriental A6
Adile Hanim
Amadeo Preziosi

Ref No. Oriental A7
An Almeh
Jean-Leon Gerome
French. 1882

Ref No. Oriental A8
Pelt Merchant
Jean-Leon Gerome
French. 1869

Ref No. Oriental A9
Jewish Woman Smyrna
Charles Gleyre
Swiss. 1834.

Ref No. Oriental A10
Fumee d'Ambre Gris
John Singer Sargent
American. 1880

Ref No. Oriental A11
Pipe smoker
Charles Lefebvre
Belgium. 1884

Ref No. Oriental A12
Van Der Ouderaa
Belgium. 1894

Ref No. Oriental A13
An Almeh with pipe
Jean-Leon Gerome
French. 1873

Ref No. Oriental A14
Winter in Persia
Jules Laurens
French. 1848

Ref No. Oriental A15
The Moroccan
Lucien Levy-Dhurmer
Algerian. 1900

Ref No. Oriental A16
White Slave
Lecomte de Nouy
French. 1888

Ref No. Oriental A17
A Bashi-Bazouk
Jean-Leon Gerome
French. 1869

Ref No. Oriental A18
Berber Woman
Emile Vernet-Lecomte
French. 1870

Ref No. Oriental A19
Cedars of Lebanon
Edward Lear,
British. 1862

Ref No. Oriental A20
Algerian Girl 1888
Frederick Arthur
Bridgman USA

Ref No. Oriental A21
Odalisque 1878
Frederick Arthur
Bridgman USA

Ref No. Oriental A22
A Harem Girl
Frederick Arthur
Bridgman USA

Ref No. Oriental A23
harem girl
Frederick Arthur
Bridgman USA

Ref No. Oriental A24
On the Terrace
Frederick Arthur
Bridgman USA

Ref No. Oriental A25
Eugue Delacroix

Ref No. Oriental A26
Guard of Harem 1859
Jean-Leon Gerome

Ref No. Oriental A27
Muttra 1883
Edwin Lord Weeks

Ref No. Oriental A28
Blonde Odalisque
Francois Boucher

Ref No. Oriental A29
La Brune Odalisque
Francois Boucher

Ref No. Oriental A30
Odalisque in Yellow
Richard Parkes Bonington

Ref No. Oriental A31
A Turkish Odalisque
Giovanni Costa

Ref No. Oriental A32
Leila 1892
Sir Frank Dicksee

Ref No. Oriental A33
Enchantress 1878
Luis Riccardo Faleo

Ref No. Oriental A34
Grande Odalisque
Jean Auguste
Dominique Ingres

Ref No. Oriental A35
Unknown Artist
After Ingres

Ref No. Oriental A36
Lord Frederick Leighton

Ref No. Oriental A37
Henri Matisse

Ref No. Oriental A38
Belololov Pavel

Ref No. Oriental A39

Ref No. Oriental A40
Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Ref No. Oriental A11
Adolphe Weiz

Ref No. Oriental A42
Harem Girl with Tambourine
Joseph Bernard

Ref No. Oriental A43

Ref No. Oriental A44
Tambourine Dancer 1909
Otto Pilny

Ref No. Oriental A45
The Harem Dancer
Hans Zatzka

Ref No. Oriental A46
The Siesta
John Frederick Lewis

Ref No. Oriental A47
Harem Servant Girl 1874
Paul-Doir Trouillebert

Ref No. Oriental A48
Safie, One of the Three
Ladies of Bagdad 1900
William Clarke Wontner

Ref No. Oriental A49
Pelt Merchant of Cairo 1869
Jean-Leon Gerome

Ref No. Oriental A50
The Arab Jeweller
Charles Sprague Pearce

Ref No. Oriental A51
A Harem Girl
Frederick Arthur Bridgman

Museum Quality is guaranteed. We are a group of painters in Beijing, China. Oil painting is our sole life meaning and living means. We supply only genuine hand-painted oil painting on canvas. Read Latest Testimonials Here
Our prices are LOWEST because you deal DIRECTLY with the Owner ! NO "Middle Man" Company to Increase Cost To YOU! NO FINANCIAL RISK To YOU!!!!! We use ZERO Risk Payment Through U.S. Companies of Fed Ex . Please click Zero Risk Payment Plan for details.
Delivery can be air mail, FedEx, DHL, EMS, and delivery time is 6 to 8 weeks after receiving your firm order. The canvas will be rolled and placed inside a strong plastic tube. Due to high shipping cost, we do not supply frame to individual buyer.
To Place Order please send chinesepainters@yahoo.com with your name, tel no, address, reference no.and size of the painting. We can paint any size you want. Also If you fail to find one specific painting from on-line catalog, you need just to send us a clear picture, we paint from it for you.
If you fail to get reply from us within 72 hours please contact by Tel No.(86)13901185127, or Fax No.(86)1062151536 or air mail Address: P.O.Box23,ShuangYuShu, Beijing, 100086, China, Contact:Mr.WangZhaoHui.
If you want, we can call back in chinese and English

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