Contact Name: Mr.Wang ZhaoHui, (family name is Wang)
Address:P.O.Box23,ShuangYuShu, Beijing, 100086, China
E-mail: and

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Risk Free Payment via Escrow is in the U.S. and is one of the EARLIEST online payment service company. You can visit and make payment to Escrow will hold your money. After you receive the oil painting and approve its quality, you ask Escrow to pay us. If you do not approve the quality, you simply return the painting to us, and Escrow will refund you. Your interest is protected 100% by American law.

Plan I PayPal You can pay on-line by credit card via to Paypal score under is 238 and eBay score is 62 under account "masteroilpainter" till July,2007. All positive. TRUST US!

Plan II Money Order or Personal Check You can send personal check, or bank check, money order, together with your name, address, tel no, reference no. and size, via post office:
Pay To: Mr. Wang Zhao Hui.
Please note "Postal Money Order" is NOT good in China.

Plan III via Western Union You can make payment to Mr.WangZhaoHui in Beijing, China via You will get a tracking no. from western union. then please send your name, address, tel no, reference no. & size, amount and western union tracking no. Your order will be accepted within 24 hours.

If you are owner of gallery, furniture store, antique store, carpet store, framing shop, Or if you have a place in shopping mall, if you can supply us a POSITIVE BANK REFERENCE, You can sell our paintings on consignment. We have more interest in a joint venture.

You can call us by following LOCAL tel no. and you pay only local telephone fee

Beijing time is 12 hours earlier than Atlanta

New York, NY (914) 595 2589
Atlanta, GA (404) 418 6589
Miami, FL (305) 407 2589
San Francisco, CA (415) 578 4589
Oklahoma, OK (918) 919 4589
London, UK 020 7193 8589
Sydney, Australia 02 8011 4589
Stockholm, Sweden 08-55925894