Freshwater Cultured Pearls Directly from Farmers in China

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Just by chance I bought 10 pieces of pearl necklace, bracelet for Mrs.Adrienne Daniels, one of my customers of oil painting. Her testimonial is at the end of this page Why do not I do all you a favour, I upload some pictures for your referrence. Freshwater Cultured Pearls, 95% roundness, high luster, uniformity, minimal surface spotting. All old customers of oil painting can pay for the pearl AFTER you receive it why MOST eBay auctions are around US$1

Necklace #1
Pearl Size 8-10mm
16"US$70, 18"US$75

Necklace #2
Pearl Size 8-10mm
16"US$70, 18"US$75

Necklace #3
Pearl Size 8-10mm
16"US$70, 18"US$75

Necklace #4
Pearl Size 8-10mm
16"US$70, 18"US$75

Necklace #5
Pearl Size 8-10mm
16"US$70, 18"US$75

Necklace #6
Pearl Size 8-10mm
40"US$140, 50"US$150

Necklace #7
Pearl Size 8-10mm
40"US$140, 50"US$150

Necklace #8
Pearl Size 9.9mm

BIGGG Pearl Size 12mm
perfect roundness,
high luster uniformity,
NO surface spotting
US$95 per piece, for
necklace, earrings ect.

Too many to mention. Please click to look more styles
Date:2006-2-1 17:07:00
Subject: Ther Pearls Have Arrived!
Dear Wang;
THE PEARLS JUST ARRIVED YESTERDAY! Thank you, Wang, for doing this  enormous 
favor for me. I appreciate your kindness, your thoughtfulness  and the good 
nature that you have shown me. I am simply amazed that  you have done so much 
for someone who you have never met!  To say thank you  really does not represent 
how I feel; I cannot begin to describe how  appreciative I am for what you 
have done. Thank you very, very much for  everything you have done for me.
I love all of the pieces; everything is just beautiful. We do not have  that 
kind of high quality with pearls in my area. When I wear my  necklace and 
bracelet, I will always think of your kindness. My relatives are  also 
appreciative of what you have done for me; everyone  who received a piece of pearl 
jewelry is so excited to have  something so lovely.
Thank you for also sending some extra pearls. The bracelet that I will be  
keeping for myself is just a bit too tight. I am going to add a couple of  
pearls to it so that it will fit more comfortably. That was very kind of  you.
Thank you again, Wang. You are a very special person!
Adrienne Daniels
Trumbull, CT  06611
Date:2005-11-25 21:06:00
Subject: I JUST received the painting (and the pearls) and everything is beautiful!
Dear Wang;
I just received the painting and the pearls. I LOVE everything! Thank you  so 
much! The painting is just beautiful. I love the colors and the shape of  the 
flowers. It's going to look very nice when I hang the painting up  in my 
dinning room.  You did a terrific job, Wang.  Thank you very  much! 
The pearls are really gorgeous! My daughter's white pearl bracelet  is SO 
pretty. I told her that we are going to share it. It's  so beautiful that I'd 
like to wear it now and then! The black pearl  necklaces are also lovely. I know 
the people who I am giving the necklaces  to will be very pleased with their 
You are a very kind and thoughtful man, Wang. I greatly appreciate the  large 
favor you have done for me. It was so nice of you to purchase the  beautiful 
pearl jewelry even though I was just buying a painting from you. And  although 
we have never met, I would like to say that you are a special  friend to me. 
Thank you  again for all that you have done for me. I will never  forget the 
kindness you have shown me.
Adrienne Daniels
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Many eBay items are around US$1 or even US$0.01, There are man-made pearls, mixing powder of shell with chemicals, can be very big size, perfect roundness, without any spotting, but become dull after a short time. Local price is around US$0.05 per piece, a 18" necklace is US$2. Also there are true cultured pearls, but very small size, no roundness to say, with big spottings. Honest famers sell it to traditional chinese drug store, which is a kind of chinese herbal medicine. I can not tell price by piece, usually famers sell it by weight of kilograms. Then these eByers overcharge shipping cost. Back to Top